A Great Way to Put Your Toe in the Water

I just completed a very positive locum tenens assignment with VISTA and—because it offers a bit of a twist on the standard—I wanted to share it.

My family and I decided to relocate from Tucson to Sacramento and I found a great new job there. My California license was taking forever, however. I decided to work as a locum tenens while I waited for the license.

I accepted an assignment through VISTA in the VA in Sacramento. (Many federal facilities accept any state license, so my Arizona license was just fine.) The assignment turned out to be a perfect entre into the community for the entire family. Instead of the standard hotel or corporate apartment, VISTA worked with me to find a rental house, which makes sense for longer term assignments. I was able to bring my family out and get them settled. We were able to check out the area and explore. It helped us make a smooth transition.

I also really enjoyed working at the VA. The IT systems were good and the staff was involved with the patients. They are sorry to see me go they tell me and I am sorry too. I had a good time there and it was a perfect temporary placement for me.

I would strongly recommend using locum tenens to put your toe in the water when you are considering a move to a new community. I had a great experience working with VISTA. They shared my sense of urgency and had a number of jobs to choose from. When you call them, they call you back!