Meet VISTA’s Leadership

More about VISTA – Who we are, Why we do what we do, maybe add values?

Executive Leadership

Andrea Nelson, President

Andrea Nelson is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than twenty years of healthcare leadership experience. She has a strong working knowledge of healthcare staffing and workforce optimization strategies that provide value to VISTA’s healthcare delivery customers.

Adam has been part of the healthcare industry for over 20 years, working alongside some of the most influential healthcare workforce solutions leaders and companies across the country. He has played a significant role in driving the use of Managed Service Provider (MSP) platforms helping to sell, grow and expand the business to include top healthcare systems and hospital management companies.

Adam Rousey, Cheif Sales Officer

Denyce McKee, Vice President of Operations

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Rachel Boyer, Vice President of Operations

Lynn Holton, Associate Vice President

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Division Leadership

Gigi Peeples, Director of Credentialing

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2 to 3 sentences about John Murphy

John Murphy, Director of Finance

Kim Cogsdil, Director of Operations

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2 or 3 sentences about Terah Doane

Terah Doane, Director of Human Resources