VISTA Semi-Monthly Payroll

What are the pay periods?

Pay periods go from 1st – 15th and the 16th – EOM. The check date is the 10th and 25th of each month. If the check date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the check date will move to the Friday prior. See below for a calendar of dates for the semi-monthly pay periods:

Pay PeriodWork Records Due (9 am)Pay Date
12/1-12/15/21Wednesday, 12/16/21 morning (9 AM) 12/23/2021
12/16-12/31/21Monday, 1/3/22 morning (9 AM)1/10/2022
1/1-1/15/22Monday, 1/17/22 morning (9 AM)1/25/2022
1/16-1/31/22Tuesday, 2/1/22 morning (9 AM)2/10/2022
2/1-2/15/22Wednesday, 2/16/22 morning (9 AM)2/25/2022
2/16-2/28/22Tuesday, 3/1/22 morning (9 AM)3/10/2022
3/1-3/15/22Wednesday, 3/16/22 morning (9 AM)3/25/2022
3/16-3/31/22Friday, 4/1/22 morning (9 AM)4/8/2022
4/1-4/15/22Monday, 4/18/22 morning (9 AM)4/25/2022
4/16-4/30/22Monday, 5/2/22 morning (9 AM)5/10/2022
5/1-5/15/22Monday, 5/16/22 morning (9 AM)5/25/2022
5/16-5/31/22Wednesday, 6/1/22 morning (9 AM)6/10/2022
6/1-6/15/22Thursday, 6/16/22 morning (9 AM)6/24/2022
6/16-6/30/22Friday, 7/1/22 morning (9 AM)7/8/2022
7/1-7/15/22Monday, 7/18/22 morning (9 AM)7/25/2022
7/16-7/31/22Monday, 8/1/22 morning (9 AM)8/10/2022
8/1-8/15/22Tuesday, 8/16/22 morning (9 AM)8/25/2022
8/16-8/31/22Thursday, 9/1/22 morning (9 AM)9/9/2022
9/1-9/15/22Friday, 9/16/22 morning (9 AM)9/23/2022
9/16-9/30/22Saturday, 10/1/22 morning (9 AM)10/7/2022
10/1-10/15/22Monday, 10/17/22 morning (9 AM)10/25/2022
10/16-10/31/22Tuesday, 11/1/22 morning (9 AM)11/10/2022
11/1-11/15/22Wednesday, 11/16/22 morning (9 AM)11/23/2022
11/16-11/30/22Thursday, 12/1/22 morning (9 AM)12/9/2022
12/1-12/15/22Friday, 12/16/22 morning (9 AM)12/22/2022

When do I need to submit my work records?
Work records must be submitted by the morning of the scheduled due date.

What if I miss a deadline?
Pay will be delayed to the following pay period for any work records that are submitted after the deadline.

How will I receive my pay stubs?
Pay stubs will be mailed to the home address of record.

Where do I send my time card?
You may send your time card to your pay-bill processor in the table below.

Will my payments be taxed?
For independent contractors working in the state of California or Pennsylvania, backup withholding may be applicable.

What if I work with multiple clients within a single pay period?
If you are working with multiple clients in a pay period, you will receive separate pay stubs.

If you are on direct deposit, there will be one deposit for the full amount, but you will still receive separate pay stubs.

Year-to-date earnings on pay stubs will be by the site.

Please direct any other questions to your pay-bill processor below:

NamePhone #EmailTeams
Camille Roop801-428-2359[email protected]Internal Medicine Hospitalists
Madison Memory801-428-2335[email protected]Surgery, Anesthesia, Radiology, Internal Medicine Sub-Specialties, OB/GYN, Pathology, Neurology, Dermatology
Kathryn Martinez801-428-2216[email protected]Psychiatry
Tara Gailey801-428-2263[email protected]Emergency Medicine, CRNA
Erika Rebentisch801-428-2339[email protected]Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care, Pediatrics, Occupational Medicine
DaShawn Peak678-362-1067[email protected]Government Assignments
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