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10 Reasons to Use a Healthcare Recruiter in Your Job Search

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Healthcare positions are in high demand industry-wide. Gwynedd Mercy University’s Healthcare Careers in 2020: Medical Field Jobs Interactive Report forecasts healthcare job openings will continue to soar through 2025.  

The report saw gaps as high as 29,400 among nurse practitioner positions and 11,000 among physicians and surgeons. As a healthcare professional, you have many opportunities to choose from — but which ones are right for you? The biggest pitfall of searching for a healthcare job in today’s market is sorting through so many options to find the right one for you. Enter: a healthcare recruiter.  

A healthcare recruiter makes your job searching significantly smoother for the following reasons. 

1. More opportunities 

Although statistics and research show that you have plenty of opportunities in healthcare almost anywhere you go, it doesn’t mean that all available options are necessarily the right ones for you. Therefore, you owe it to yourself and your career to make sure you pick a company and position that will make you happy in the long run, so you’re not forced into another job search sooner rather than later. 

A healthcare recruiter ensures you have more opportunities available to you when searching for a new position but more of the right opportunities available to you to pick from.  

2. Better access  

There is nothing more challenging in a job search than getting access to the right job opportunities. Unfortunately, all company positions are scattered throughout dozens of different job boards, social media accounts, and other channels. The problem for you is gaining access to all of them to make an informed decision. 

A healthcare recruiter can be very beneficial in this process because they can provide you with better access to all your options. This way, you aren’t limited by only the opportunities you’ve seen on a few channels.  

3. Less time searching  

In the same sense, you may find yourself spending too much time searching for opportunities. Without guidance on where to look and what’s currently available, you could lose more time than you anticipated. Thus, giving you less time to reach out to the right people and prepare for important interviews.  

With a healthcare recruiter, you can count on them to search for you and provide you with relevant positions that may suit your needs. Thus, allowing more time spent getting yourself ready to make a great impression and fewer missed opportunities wasted on research. 

4. Valuable expertise  

Like every new step in your career journey, it can be beneficial to have valuable expertise and guidance. While there are many job openings available in healthcare, and there are also many healthcare providers competing for the same positions. Having this valuable expertise to guide your job search and interview tactics can make an incredible difference in setting you apart from other interviewees.  

Healthcare recruiters know all the ins and outs of job search, so you can tap into their expertise to ensure you’re not only getting connected with the right opportunities but also fully prepared to compete for the position. 

5. Licensing and credentialing assistance  

Another challenge that many healthcare providers often run into is ensuring they have all the licensing and credentials necessary to take on certain healthcare positions. Suppose you are worried about not having all the qualifications or want to make yourself stand out with more qualifications than the basic requirements. In that case, assistance can make a huge difference. Healthcare recruiters can provide the assistance you need to ensure you’re also fully qualified and equipped for the position you seek.  

6. Improve your job-seeking skills  

Chances are you’ve spent years, and in some cases, more than a decade, studying and sharpening your healthcare skills for the right opportunity in your future. Unfortunately, however, it’s even less likely that you’ve also had the chance to hone your job-seeking skills in the process.  

Healthcare recruiters are already specialized in that area, ready to use their expertise to open up your opportunities and guide you to the right position.  

7. Hassle-free salary negotiations   

Another challenge you may face while job seeking is engaging in salary negotiations. Although you must find a company and position that makes you happy to go to work every day, it’s also important that you ensure you are fairly compensated for your hard work. These negotiations can become a hassle if you’re not familiar with the process or even what you’re worth. 

A healthcare recruiter knows this information and will use it to ensure you negotiate the right amount without all the added stress.  

8. Career development  

Another reason you should consider a healthcare recruiter in your job search is that they can also assist you in career development. Career development is a long process of choosing the right career, ensuring your skills are aligned with that career (and continuously improved!), and taking the proper steps to advance in that area of healthcare. 

Whether your dreams are for your career now or in the future, a healthcare recruiter can help you identify and prepare for those opportunities. You don’t have to figure it out on your own and shouldn’t if you want to make sure you’re heading somewhere that is the right fit for you.  

9. Networking  

One of the essential components of job searching, and your career in general, is connecting with the right people in your industry — i.e., networking! The power of networking is unmistakable. But, in addition, it broadens your future in healthcare because even if you’re not looking right now or a company you’re interested in doesn’t have an opening for you, strengthening your relationships with the right people can open up many potential career paths for your future when you’re ready. 

A healthcare recruiter is the perfect person to set you up for success and get you connected with the right people.  

10. Covered expenses  

Many costs can be associated with temporary work assignments, especially when working locum tenens. These varied costs can include travel for some healthcare positions and even housing, meals, tools and supplies, and continued education. Expenses will vary depending on the situation and for how long. 

Fortunately, a healthcare recruiter can assist in this area and reduce the stress and financial burden by negotiating any additional costs in your contract.  

Work with a VISTA Recruiter for Your Next Opportunity 

It can be a challenge weeding out healthcare jobs that aren’t right for you and determining which job openings fit your expectations and needs. However, working with a VISTA recruiter can make a significant difference, guiding you through the process and connecting you with positions that are the right fit for you.  

After all, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that healthcare occupations are expected to grow as much as 16% between 2020 and 2030 (adding nearly 6 million new jobs!). Thus, giving you the daunting task to sort through so many options, making the task stressful and time-consuming. A VISTA recruiter alleviates that challenge and gets you on the right path to a suitable position for your next adventure.

VISTA Helped a Locum Tenens Physician Reinvent Her Career

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