Healthcare Staffing Resources

As your strategic healthcare staffing partner, VISTA offers an archive of complimentary resources to provide up-to-date insights. This library is regularly updated and ensures that you are always aware of the factors affecting your facility’s healthcare staffing capabilities.

To browse our collection of downloadable eBooks, guides, infographics, and other resources, select any of the links below. Still, have questions after browsing the library? Contact a VISTA expert today!

Trust, Transparency, Accountability E-book
E-Book: Trust, Transparency, and Accountability: VISTA Select: Your Partner for Workforce Optimization
T, T, A Short Video
Video: Trust, Transparency, and Accountability
Rural Regional Healthcare System Case Study
Case Study: Rural Regional Healthcare System Staffing Solution, Rapid Response Recruitment
VISTA Select Video
Video: VISTA Select: Your Strategic Healthcare Workforce Optimization Partner
Rapid Response Video
Video: Rapid Response Recruitment: The Solution to Healthcare Staffing Challenges
VISTA Select Educational overview
1-Pager: VISTA Select Educational Overview
Telehealth Infographic
Infographic: The History of Telehealth
Telehealth at a Glance
1-Pager: Telehealth at a Glance
Why VISTA? Client infographic
Infographic: Why VISTA? Healthcare System’s Reason to Work with VISTA
Technology-Based Approach to handling healthcare staffing
Whitepaper: Technology-Based Approach to Handling Clinical Staffing
Becker's and VISTA Session 2021
Webinar: Cost Containment: Savings Strategies Thru Trust, Transparency and Accountability
Be a hero to your c-suite
1 Pager: Be a Hero to Your C-Suite: Save Costs and Optimize Your Clinical Staff
5 ways to optimize clinician labor cost
1-Pager: 5 Ways to Optimize Clinician Labor Costs
Becker's and VISTA Webinar 2021
Webinar: How Hospitals can Optimize Staffing Models for Cost and Quality
Becker's & VS 2020 podcast
Podcast: Why healthcare Leaders Need a Workforce Optimization Strategy, NOW!
Podcast: Optimizing Healthcare Staffing Strategy
Podcast: Optimizing Your Healthcare Staffing Strategy
The Solution to Your Most Persistent Labor Challenge E-Book
E-Book: A Healthcare System’s Solution to Their Most Persistent Labor Challenge
CFO's Guide to Healthcare Cost Containment E-Book
E-Book: CFO’s Guide to Healthcare Cost Containment
Rapid Response Recruitment
E-Book: Rapid Response Recruitment: A Trusted Partner To Ensure Ongoing Patient Care
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Podcast: Staffing Hospitals and Clinics During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
Complementary Webinar: Provider Staffing in the COVID Era: VISTA's Rapid Response Recruitment Solutions
Webinar: Provider Staffing in the COVID era: VISTA’s Rapid Response Recruitment Solution

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