VISTA Is Your Career Partner

At VISTA Staffing Solutions, we want to make it possible for you to work on your terms, allowing you to provide your expertise to those who need it most. We have opportunities for physicians in all specialties from domestic locum tenens jobs, to government and permanent positions, with openings covering all 50 states. Whether you are fresh out of residency, want to make a transition in your career, or are looking to lighten your workload as you ease into retirement, we can find the perfect placement for you!

Locum Tenens Careers

VISTA offers over 30 years of experience helping physicians like you take the next step in practicing medicine. Our recruiters are trained to identify and match your skills with the right facilities, while fostering close relationships to secure your ideal job. We offer support and guidance in getting you licensed, meaning less paperwork for you so you can get to work sooner! We also cover the cost of your travel, housing, and professional liability insurance so you can focus on providing quality care. With VISTA locum tenens, you have the independence and flexibility to take control of your career. You will have the ability to assess jobs that accommodate your schedule, while enjoying growing your skills in a variety of practice settings.

Permanent Placements

No matter what stage you are at in your career, it’s always good to discuss long-term opportunities with experts. VISTA’s permanent placements division is ready to evaluate your career plan as a medical professional, ensuring that we can find the perfect opportunity to meet your needs. Our client base for permanent roles includes private practices, university medical centers and schools, multi-specialty groups and more. We consult with hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country to strengthen their staff with the best candidates and we will make these relationships work for you! At VISTA, we measure our success on the long-term outcome of provider placements. We go the extra mile to ensure a permanent job is a great fit for your priorities and expectations.

Government Locums

Working locum tenens jobs in the government sector comes with unique professional and personal rewards, with an added fulfillment of giving back and helping vulnerable, often underserved populations. VISTA’s Government division offers many opportunities with the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Indian Health Service, and state and correctional facilities across the 50 states. One can expect financial advantages, a work-life balance, easy licensing and credentialing, and a chance to give back to those who need it. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction working a government assignment with VISTA!

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