Considering Retirement?

Here Are Some Options Worth Exploring

If you are like many mid-to-late-career providers, you are considering retirement, but you love treating patients, interacting with colleagues, and teaching new providers. Simultaneously, however, the administrative hassles, workload, and fast pace may prove overwhelming.

Fortunately, there is demand for your service in more flexible positions, allowing you to choose from a full range of “workstyles” that allow you to live a balanced life.

Many physicians are drawn to the flexibility, freedom to travel, and overall job satisfaction that working locum tenens provide.

Take the short self-test below to identify suitable career options:

Considering Retirement? VISTA is your partner to creating a work-life balance.

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Take the short self-test below to help you explore which career option suits you before you consider retirement:

Locum Tenens

  • Are you interested in working part of the year with time off for other pursuits? 
  • Would you enjoy visiting and working in different parts of the country?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then locum tenens might be the perfect fit.

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Permanent Jobs

  • Are you interested in working full time but in a new setting, i.e., an employed position?
  • Are you interested in changing the scope of your practice—to outpatient only, for example?

If this is you, then you are ready for a new permanent position.

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