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Benefits of Government Locums

When taking a government medical position, you are likely to be working with patients in underserved regions or who are active-duty military personnel or veterans. This allows you to do work where you’re helping the people who need it most or to give back to those who are or have given so much for this country already.

As a government locum provider with VISTA, you can take great pride in providing care to the men and women who have served or are currently serving America’s military, as well as others in underserved areas.

Interested in learning more? Check out our blog post to read about how government jobs differ from traditional locums jobs, or click the button below to get started.

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In the past 5 years, VISTA provided close to 700,000 hours of physician and advanced practice coverage at government facilities. This is an equivalent of 340 FTEs!


Types of facilities include:

  • VA
  • Indian Health
  • Military / DOD
  • State


Locations range from highly remote, to rural and semi-rural, to metropolitan. You are sure to find the location that is right for you!

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Why Work with VISTA?

  • Worksites that match your skills, experience, and interest
  • Paid professional liability insurance
  • Paid travel, housing, and local transportation
  • Help with licensure, credentialing, and securing privileges
  • Excellent compensation and no placement fees
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The idea of giving back is what prompted me to work for the veterans. I appreciate the freedom I received when I moved to the United States, and I am serving those men and women who have made that freedom possible. Every day is a learning experience from my patients at the VA hospital. I have learned to be more humble and to serve others better since I work with former soldiers. I have educated a few, and been taught by many.

Dr. Duany D., VISTA Provider

My patients have had to struggle mightily to survive in our society. Their personal histories are mixtures of tragedy, inspiration, and perseverance. The work is doubly rewarding in that as the patients do better, so does all of society. To a physician on the fence I would say that this job will test both adaptability and perseverance, but that the personal rewards are great.

Dr. Steve H., VISTA Provider

VISTA has a very good working relationship with government facilities, with good communication and the desire to work through problems as they arise. You don’t always find this with other companies. VISTA seems to understand the government system well, which can be more challenging than civilian facilities. I’ve worked for several contracting companies in the past, and VISTA is one of the best.

Dr. Frank R., VISTA Provider