Licensing and Credentialing Services

Over 30 years of experience in getting providers licensed quickly and effectively

Over 30 licensing and credentialing specialists working across the country

Maintaining close relationships with state license boards and facilities

Why Choose VISTA?
Over 30 years experience assisting healthcare providers with licensing and credentialing

VISTA Staffing Solutions has strong relationships with all 50 state medical boards, so we understand when and how they review applications, how long it usually takes and any potential roadblocks. We also know when they update or change requirements, e.g., requiring criminal background checks or fingerprinting.

The most valued part of our service—according to both providers and medical boards—is VISTA's coordination of primary source credential verification, including licenses, privileges, education/training, certifications, professional liability insurance coverage and more. The average license application requires a minimum of 15 verifications in addition to verification of all hospital privileges.

What You Can Expect
The steps you will take with our licensing and credentialing process

1. Streamlined & efficient process

We'll tailor your applications to the specific needs of the state/facility so you don't waste time digging up unnecessary documents.

2. Complete a credentialing application

Medical providers must complete a credentialing application containing questions that gather essential information about your training and experience.

3. Complete our approval process

Confidence in our medical providers at the point of presentation results in client assurance and an increased ability to confirm assignments quickly with higher rates of extensions and repeat contracts.

Tools & Resources

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