Re-entering the Workforce

With guidance from VISTA Medical Directors, we are compiling resources to help providers who have left the clinical world and now want to return to active practice. We believe bringing talented physicians and providers back into the workforce is critical as both the physician shortage and the demand for care intensify.

Two-year rule

As a general rule, a physician or provider who has not been in clinical practice for two years must go through testing or retraining to qualify for licensure and professional liability insurance.

Determine requirements for recertification in your specialty

We recommend contacting the American Board in your medical specialty to get a clear understanding of their requirements for re-entry. Make sure to specify that this is a non-remedial situation. The website has links to all major medical specialty boards. Start here as well if you are considering making a transition from one medical specialty to another.

Keep licenses current

If at all possible, keep up with your CME and keep your licenses current. Reinstating lapsed licenses adds complexity to the process.

Find out requirements to reactivate licenses

Don’t despair if your licenses have lapsed. Contact your state medical board to identify requirements for reactivating a license in a non-remedial situation.

Assess your network

Assessing your professional network requires contacting the group or facility you were last affiliated with to discuss a preceptorship or proctoring arrangement.

Next, consider the program where you completed your residency or a program in the area in which you currently live. Contact the program director to discuss retraining programs or fellowship opportunities. To search for programs and program directors, visit

We also recommend that you contact your state or county medical society to find out what programs they offer for non-remedial re-entry.

Re-enter the workforce

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Review the American Medical Association’s Education and Retraining page as a resource for updated programs and contact information. 

Finding work

Board certification is very important. Facilities rely on it to ensure your continued competence and require nearly every locum tenens physician to be board certified or board eligible.

Each retraining program we have investigated is individualized and addresses a physician’s specific situation. Please call us at 800-366-1884 to discuss your options and ask to speak to a recruiter in your medical specialty.