The VISTA Difference For Permanent Physicians

No two job searches are alike. The VISTA team works closely with you to find the perfect fit among the openings available. Some attributes that set us apart include:

Our proactive process

The VISTA process works in your favor, as a candidate, because we help organizations develop a clear picture of the opening and specific criteria for a successful candidate. We also help them design and commit to a selection process, so things move along at a good pace. This keeps you out of the hiring limbo physicians sometimes face in large, complex organizations.

Aligned incentives

VISTA Physician Search and Consulting is unique in that we base the fees we charge clients on the success of our efforts. This works to your advantage because we make sure you get an accurate picture of the opportunity and a great introduction to the organization. We succeed when you find a long-term, rewarding fit.

The VISTA Difference

VISTA Staffing Solutions is a strong, financially stable, growing company.  Read more about our history, our corporate structure, and our staff at About VISTA.