The VISTA Approach For Physicians

Physician VISTA Approach

1. You get a single point of contact

Once the need for a locum tenens provider is determined, you may contact our client consultant department, which is organized by geographic territory rather than facility specialty, giving your selected client-consultant the ability to meet your facility’s staffing needs in every provider specialty.

2. We offer a thorough practice inquiry and description

We ask the questions necessary to build a clear picture of the opening and the type of provider you need. In many cases, we will ask you to complete and return a clinical practice description to ensure accurate credential verification and provider placement. Our number one priority is finding providers with the skills and experience to provide high-quality care in your practice. To ensure this, we offer a clear, explanatory provider profile for every practitioner in our pool of specialties.

3. We present appropriate CVs for a precise match

Once we’ve acquired the essential information about your provider staffing needs, we immediately begin the matching process with candidates in our diverse, multi-specialty provider pool.

4. Expedited privileging and credentialing support

We provide all the necessary documentation to assist with your internal credentials verification and medical staff privileging once you and the provider(s) agree on the arrangement.

5. We provide professional liability insurance

We provide professional liability insurance for every hour our provider works for you. Our insurance carrier is one of the most experienced and reliable carriers available.

6. We get your provider licensed in time for the assignment

We work with state licensing boards on a daily basis, so we understand the licensing requirements for every type of facility and every state, giving us the knowledge to secure placements on command.

7. We coordinate travel and housing

Our full-service, in-house travel coordinators work directly with your selected providers to plan cost-effective, simple, and convenient travel options. This incentivizes the best providers to seek work in your facility.

8. We ensure accurate billing and compensation

We ensure that our providers complete a timesheet every two weeks. This timesheet is processed by our in-house, specialty-specific billing team, giving our providers and clients alike the support that only specialty-specific accounting and placement knowledge can facilitate.

9. We follow-up and provide candid post-assignment evaluations

Once everything is arranged, we follow up with you to ensure that your selected provider is exceeding your expectations. You are also invited to follow up with us regarding anything. Once the assignment is completed, we gather information to help us continue meeting your needs for future assignments.