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VISTA Staffing Solutions is the leading provider of locum tenens physician staffing and permanent physician job search services.

“Locum tenens” is Latin for “one holding a place.” Locum Tenens providers work in interesting and rewarding assignments in various, short durations.

With VISTA Locum Tenens Jobs, You Can Expect:

  • Carefully screened worksites that match your skills, experience, and interest
  • Paid professional liability insurance
  • Paid travel, housing, and local transportation
  • Help with licensure, credentialing, and securing privileges
  • Excellent compensation and no placement fees

At VISTA, we have over 30 years of experience helping providers make professional transitions, be it from residency to practice, from full-time to part-time practice, or from one practice to another.

Locum Tenens

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Why Locum Tenens?

  • Travel benefits — While independent contractors do not receive paid time off, locum tenens schedules allow for you to travel where you desire and work your schedule around vacations. Or you can choose assignments where you’ve always wanted to vacation. You could find yourself relaxing and traveling more than you ever did when you used PTO for a vacation.
  • A solution for burnout — Locum assignments allow you to get away from long work hours, administrative duties, and large caseloads.
  • Flexible schedule — Choose when and where you would like to work.
  • Increased demand for physicians and advanced practitioners — Demand for physicians and advanced practitioners is on the rise so your services are needed. There are ample job opportunities awaiting you.
  • Decreased administrative responsibilities — This allows you to spend more time with each of your patients. Though you might only have a temporary job at one facility, you can make a large impact on your patients.
  • Predictable schedule — Contrary to popular belief, you have the flexibility and ability to plan out your schedule well in advance so your work is predictable.
  • Live and work where you choose — Enough said!

VISTA was founded in 1990 and has become one of the largest and most experienced locum tenens companies in business today. The company continues to thrive under the guidance of a leadership team with decades of experience in the locum tenens industry. VISTA has created a culture of knowledgeable, invested professionals who are committed to helping physicians and advanced practice providers reap the rewards of making the right transitions in their personal and professional lives. We now serve thousands of physicians and advanced practice providers and practices in need of staffing.

The company offers exceptional stability to employees, physicians, and advanced practice provider partners, and maintains the highest standards for quality in the industry. As a result, we play an active role in helping physicians and advanced practice providers shape truly satisfying careers.