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E-Book: CFO Guide to Healthcare Cost Containment – LP

The CFO’s Guide to Healthcare Cost Containment

Today’s healthcare CFOs are under more pressure than ever to contain costs.

To meet fiscal goals without sacrificing the quality of patient care, today’s hospital leaders need to develop relationships with long-term strategic partners. 

By partnering with VISTA, we enable healthcare leaders to overcome costly challenges with vendors and staffing agencies by introducing referenceable, innovative staffing solutions. Just some of the key obstacles that healthcare leaders are facing: 

    • Billions of Dollars in Lost Revenue

    • A Reduction in Government Funding 

    • Staff Burnout

    • Increased Pay Demands from Providers
    • and more. . . 

The VISTA’s Select suite of exclusive services allows your health system to systematically manage the above obstacles and uncover costs often unknown to the hospital’s leadership team.  

Fill out the form to download and learn more about how CFO’s can contain costs, and by partnering with VISTA, they can reduce overall labor costs, centralize and standardize reporting and vendor management.