Risk Management

VISTA is committed to providing risk management for both the physician seeking work and the client recruiting physicians. We’ve instituted steps to make certain each placement is rewarding professionally, financially, personally, and for your patients. To see it through, we have a thorough practice setting (client) screening process.

Risk Management

Our clients must exhibit:

  • Stability: The practice must have a stable infrastructure, sound processes and procedures, and financial strength.
  • Ethics: The practice must follow ethical guidelines for the practice of medicine and business conduct.
  • Physician Support Staff: The practice must have adequate support staff in place to enable the recruited physician to practice medicine and provide good patient care.
  • Specialty Standards: The parameters of the practice’s specialty must be followed.
  • Shared Philosophy: The practice must have an organizational culture that supports the physician’s success and an effective means to integrate new physicians into their practice quickly.
  • Ability to Pay: Timely remittance is required.
  • Self-Awareness: The practice must have an ability to recognize what it’s like to work in their environment to recruit a well-suited physician.
  • References: Credit, bank, trade, and provider references are checked. 
  • Positive Performance Reviews: Our post-assignment evaluations assess the success of each and every VISTA assignment. We listen to and consider both physician and client feedback. And we go through the same evaluation process ourselves. Our risk management team will alert us to circumstances where we need to cease working with a physician or client. We look out for our customers.

VISTA clients represent solid practices that provide good working environments and opportunities for qualified physicians.

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