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Traits of Recruiters That Stand the Test of Time

Traits of Recruiters That Stand the Test of Time

Having an effective locums tenens recruiter working on your behalf is very useful when landing and traveling to different assignments. They have a specific skill set that helps them understand clinicians’ and they are adept at being the liaison while attending to the clinician’s needs. There are key traits to look for in these types of recruiters to ensure success in your locum tenens career:

1. Knowledgeable

The locum tenens recruiter you work with must be knowledgeable in a number of areas. Not only do they have to follow certain processes and protocols when placing clinicians, but they also need to have a good understanding of the facility and the clinician to do their job well. This is especially important when it comes to matching the provider’s skill set to the clinical needs of the facility, ensuring the best fit for both parties.

According to VISTA recruiter Jahan Yu, “Finding the right healthcare clinician to match to a job is about using a thorough process and doing your due diligence. As you’re managing multiple stakeholders, it’s important to have a spot-on understanding of the needs of not only the physician, but also the facility.”

2. Experience

Experienced recruiters understand what type of facility will best suit your needs and preferences. They typically have experience in a variety of medical specialties, which helps them understand the specific details and nuances of certain roles and assignments. This ensures that you find the most ideal position and have a smooth transition into your next assignment. It also supports facilities in their goal to find the most qualified providers.

3. Responsiveness

Effective recruiters are responsive to the clinician’s needs and available to provide support and assistance for both expected and unexpected changes. As a locum tenens clinician, issues are imminent. Having a recruiter that’s both responsive and attentive can help you solve – and even avoid – any challenges that may arise.

VISTA healthcare recruiter Xi Feng says, “When something comes up at the last minute or a hiccup occurs, I find dealing with it immediately is always the best. I will handle issues 24/7, even if I am taking time off or out of town.” This is the type of dedication and communication that works to your benefit.

4. Commitment

The most successful recruiters are committed to helping clinicians achieve their career goals and find the ideal assignment based on their needs and wants. This means that they are persistent and relentless in helping you achieve your career goals as a locum tenens clinician.

Recruiter Jahan Yu demonstrates her commitment when she is partnering with a provider in pinpointing the best fit opportunities for the next assignment: “I collaborate with my team, sharing the strengths of the provider and allowing us to look for a match with facilities throughout the area he/she wants to be. Frequently there is an immediate match or if the facility or facilities do not currently have open assignments, they are aware of the provider resources VISTA has available when their next need arises. VISTA becomes their first call!”

In other words, a committed recruiter will not give up; instead, they will continue working on your behalf until you land the role you desire.

5. Trust

Trust is especially important, as recruiters handle important tasks for clinicians, including helping them find the right role. It’s important to trust your recruiter and believe they have your best interest at heart, meeting your expectations and working to make the process smooth and seamless.

Kendrick McLaughlin, a government recruiter at VISTA, talks about gaining trust with clinicians: “With all physicians I work with, I try to understand the main things they want to accomplish. I begin as an information gatherer, then discuss options and the relationship comes. I show them that what they want is important to me.”

6. Passion

The best recruiters are passionate about their job, and care about clinicians’ well-being beyond the role or assignment. This motivates them to provide a high level of service while helping clinicians achieve the best possible outcome.

Xi Feng shares her passion for her role as a recruiter: “My favorite locum tenens success story is when I experienced some bumps in the road with a physician, but yet it all worked out on the other side and they tell me I am the only recruiter they are working with. That is the ultimate success for me.”

Partnering with an effective recruiter can make a huge difference. Looking out for these traits can help you achieve the success you desire when pursuing a locum tenens career.

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