US Locum Tenens

"Locum tenens" is Latin for "one holding a place." US Locum Tenens providers work in interesting and rewarding assignments in various, short durations.

With VISTA US Locum Tenens, You Can Expect:

  • Carefully screened worksites that match your skills, experience and interest
  • Paid professional liability insurance
  • Paid travel, housing and local transportation
  • Help with licensure, credentialing, and securing privileges
  • Excellent compensation and no placement fees

At VISTA, we have over 25 years of experience helping providers make professional transitions, be it from residency to practice, from full-time to part-time practice, or from one practice to another.

We have relationships with thousands of healthcare facilities and practices across the country, with 900+ locum tenens provider jobs open at any given time. Our employees have the experience and clinical knowledge to match your skills with the practices that will make best use of your time and talent, ensuring each location is a safe and stable locum tenens environment.

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