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2023 Match Rates Increased Among Nearly All Applicant Types

Despite increasing concerns about future physician shortages, this year’s Main Residency Match is an indication of a positive step in the right direction.

Compared to 2022 numbers, U.S. MD seniors saw an increase of 0.8 percentage points in their Match rate, reaching 93.7%. This figure has remained stable between 92 and 95% for close to four decades now, demonstrating the tremendous strength and resilience of aspiring physicians in the United States today.

Moreover, U.S. DO seniors achieved an all-time high figure with a 91.6% Match rate – a 0.3 percentage point increase over last year’s results – showing that more positions are being offered and filled in this field than ever before.

Primary Care Hits All-Time High

With over 571 primary care positions recently filled, the healthcare industry is seeing an all-time high in this critical area. This marks a 3.2% year-over-year increase as well as an impressive 17% rise in only five years, due to steady growth seen each of those years. Moreover, these positions were filled at a rate of 94.2%, indicating that the demand for primary care physicians has not declined. This is particularly encouraging when one takes into consideration the existing shortage of primary care physicians across the nation; with such high filling rates and growing numbers, it appears that primary care positions are being met with success.

Emergency Medicine Fails To Fill All Positions

Although emergency medicine offered more positions in the Match than the previous year, 335 more positions were left unfilled than 2022.

This could potentially indicate a changing interest in emergency medical work or a difference in expectations from physicians post-residency.

Match officials have suggested that this could be due to an overall decreased number of U.S. MD and DO seniors submitting ranks for the specialty, suggesting that fewer people are actively applying for these positions compared to past years.

The impact of this could be profound, affecting graduates seeking residency training as well as the availability of competent emergency health professionals needed for patient care across the country.

VISTA Congratulates Everyone Who Matched

Ultimately, this year’s Match continues to demonstrate the strength and commitment of the medical community.

VISTA congratulates all those who successfully completed residency positions this cycle and wishes them a successful start to their medical careers.

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