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53% of Physicians Report They Are Burned Out

According to Medscape’s latest report on physician burnout and depression, fifty-three percent of physicians say they experience burnout. That represents a big change from the same report 5 years ago, before COVID-19 changed the world.

In Medscape’s 2018 report, 42% of physicians said they were burned out. Also, 23% of physicians report depression now, compared with 15% of respondents 5 years ago. The survey collected information from more than 9,100 physicians across 29 specialties between June and October 2022.

The Most Burned Out Specialists Are In:

Emergency Medicine

The demanding and high-pressure field of emergency medicine has been identified as one of the most burnout-prone specialties. According to recent studies, an overwhelming 65 percent of emergency physicians have reported experiencing burnout. This phenomenon can be attributed to a variety of factors, including long and irregular hours, difficult patient cases, and the emotional toll of dealing with life and death situations on a daily basis.

Internal Medicine

Approximately 60 percent of physicians in this field are experiencing symptoms of burnout. While there are a multitude of reasons why burnout can occur, internal medicine specialists may be particularly vulnerable due to the nature of their work. These healthcare professionals often treat patients with complex medical conditions and are responsible for coordinating care across a variety of disciplines.


Pediatric medicine is one of the most challenging yet rewarding fields of medicine. However, a staggering 59 percent of pediatric physicians have reported experiencing burnout.

How Locum Tenens Helps Burned Out Physicians

One of the ways burned-out physicians can manage their workload is to turn to locum tenens.

Locum tenens provides temporary medical positions for doctors who need a break from the pressures of long-term commitments or those looking for extra income. This allows them to work flexible hours, enabling them to get away from the stress and demands of long-term commitments.

Locum tenens also offers a unique solution for physicians who are burned out.

By accepting a position with locum tenens, the physician is not tied down to one place and can move from one location to another. This gives them an opportunity to explore different areas of the country and take part in meaningful work that is less stressful and more rewarding.

Burnout can be a serious problem for physicians, leading to depression and other medical issues.

By taking part in locum tenens, doctors can take control of their own health and happiness by reducing the stress that comes with long-term commitments. This can lead to improved mental health for physicians, which ultimately benefits the patients they serve.

The findings of Medscape’s report show that burnout is an increasingly common problem. With the help of locum tenens placements, VISTA Staffing is able to help burned out doctors reduce their stress levels, explore new locations and practice meaningful work without the commitment of a long-term position. We are proud to be able to help doctors to do what they do best: provide quality care for their patients.

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