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4 Signs a New Facility is a Good Fit for Locum Tenens Clinicians

4 Signs a New Facility is a Good Fit (for locum tenens clinicians)

You’ve been looking for the ideal locum tenens assignment. Finally, the perfect one appears – it’s in a great location and has the right amount of flexibility. Now you need to determine if the facility is the right fit for you. While things may seem like they are falling into place, there are a number of factors to consider when evaluating a new facility. Doing some research prior to accepting the assignment can help you avoid making a huge mistake.

Here are 4 signs a new facility is a good fit for you:

1. Offers Proper Training and Onboarding

Most facilities have their own set of policies, procedures, and systems. The facility should have a team that provides comprehensive training and onboarding support to ensure you’re confident and successful in your temporary role. For instance, learning a new EMR/EHR system is one of the most challenging aspects of joining a new facility. It’s important to make sure the onboarding team provides ample time to learn and get comfortable with those systems to make your job easier.

2. Your Philosophies Align

Most facilities, and even individual departments, have their own philosophies of patient care. It is helpful to understand this, but also make sure their philosophies match yours to avoid conflict or issues in this area. Adhering to a philosophy of care that you don’t agree with could be a source of frustration and cause you to feel uncomfortable in your new role.

3. The Work Ethic Matches Your Own

One of the hardest things to do is work in an environment that does not match your personality. In order to find the best fit, locating a facility that complements your work style and personality is key. For instance, is the environment fast-paced and dynamic, or is it more laid-back and predictable? Is the staff quiet and diligently working, or are they conversational and congregate on a regular basis? Knowing your personal work ethic is important and can assist in helping you find a facility that mirrors what feels comfortable to you.

4. Staff are Friendly and Welcoming

The existing staff is instrumental in helping you “learn the ropes.” In most cases, they can be a clinician’s best asset and resource when adapting to the new environment. It’s good to build relationships with the staff, as they can provide information that will help you better understand the intricacies of the facility and how things operate. For these reasons, finding a staff that is friendly and welcoming will help make your job a lot easier.

Finding a facility that’s a good fit can make your locum tenens experience enjoyable and make you feel comfortable working there. Consider taking a minute to read Getting Ready to Nail the Interview (Questions to Ask a New Facility) to further evaluate your options and make sure you are doing your due diligence. There are skilled recruiters, like those at VISTA, who can also assist in helping determine whether a particular facility is right for you.

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