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5 Must-Haves When Applying for a Locum Tenens Opportunity

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Demand for locum tenens workers is growing, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find the ideal position. Instead, you must take a strategic approach to find the role that suits you the best efficiency. To do this, we suggest focusing on these key factors:

1. Job Preferences

The first step to landing a locum tenens job is knowing where you want to go-allowing you to decide on the type of facility you want to work in, the location, duration of assignment, pay, and other crucial factors. Defining your preferences before starting your job search will increase your chances of finding a role that fits your needs and wishes.

2. A Well-Structured CV

Many people think of a CV, or curriculum vitae, as just another word for a resume. However, there are some essential differences. A professional CV is more detailed and goes beyond your basic education and work experience to include achievements, awards, publications, honors, and other relevant information.

A few tips for building a professional CV include:

  • Keep it updated with new affiliations and employment, including locum tenens work.
  • Be thorough. Ensure all your time is accounted for and include both the months and years of each affiliation.
  • Use title headings and a consistent flow.
  • Use an easy-to-read font.
  • Customize it for each opportunity.

Include information that’s important and relevant to the position for which you’re applying, and be sure to account for any gaps in employment. Following these tips will help your CV stand apart from others.

3. Proper Documentation

Keeping proper documentation on hand can be beneficial during the interview process, allowing employers to quickly verify your eligibility to work in a particular state and role. Thus increasing your chances of being hired. Be sure to have your licenses, certifications, immunization records, professional recommendations, and other vital documents organized and easy to present.

4. Licenses and Credentials

While the process varies by state, it can take time and effort to obtain licenses and credentials for a particular locum tenens assignment. To expedite the hiring process, aim to get the appropriate licenses and credentials before applying to a position. Learn about the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) and work with a locum tenens agency to streamline the licensing and credentialing process.

5. Locum Tenens Agency

Working with a full-service agency makes finding and landing the most appealing locum tenens assignments easier. With VISTA, you can expect carefully screened work sites, help with licensing and credentialing, paid professional liability insurance, and paid travel and housing. We also provide excellent compensation with no placement fees.

Applying for a locum tenens job can be complicated, but following these steps can make it more seamless and efficient. And with the help of a qualified locum tenens agency, you can accelerate the process and quickly land the perfect role for yourself.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on February 20, 2019, and has been updated for accuracy and timeliness.

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