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Do You Trust Your Staffing Recruiter? Here Are Three Signs To Look For

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A surefire way for providers to know they can trust and work with healthcare recruiters in good faith is by identifying the essential qualities necessary for a mutually beneficial partnership, particularly in the early stages of the recruiting process. 

As a healthcare provider, it’s not just the recruiter who gets to assess your credentials; you get to evaluate the recruiter’s credentials, too! Oftentimes it’s as simple as following the three general guidelines below:

  1. Responsiveness: If you’re a medical provider, you’re usually busy, work odd hours, and need quick follow-up at the drop of a hat if you want to find what you’re looking for. A healthcare recruiter worth trusting will return your calls and emails promptly, provide insightful feedback, and lend a helping hand. This demonstrates a willingness to provide excellent service. It shows that your recruiter likely understands how hectic your schedule can be, and therefore has a genuine appreciation for the difficulty healthcare providers sometimes have in juggling work-life balance.
  2. Consultative, Not Pushy: A recruiter who’s worth his or her weight in gold will take a consultative approach in helping you through your job search. Reasons for this approach are twofold. Firstly, the consultative approach demonstrates a higher level of industry knowledge. Secondly, a practical consultative approach to recruiting facilitates a relationship in which the recruiter understands his or her provider’s needs and wants before offering advice. This lays the foundation for a successful recruiter-provider relationship—one rooted in understanding.
  3. They Make Your Job Search Easier: This may sound like a no-brainer, but too much trust in a recruiter not equipped to handle your needs may end up putting you through an array of paces, none of which lead anywhere beneficial. Besides, great recruiting isn’t magic—it’s straightforward, effective, transparent, and rooted in trust.

Paying attention to these three simple measurements of recruiter efficacy can help you decide which recruiter is the best fit for you.

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