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Locum Tenens During the Summer: How to Manage Work as a Parent

Locum Tenens During the Summer How to Manage Work as a Parent

As a parent, managing locum tenens work can be challenging. But during the summer, when your kids are out of school for summer vacation, you have various options to help you manage work while remaining present as a parent. Here are a few ways to manage locum tenens work through the summer season.

1. Find Assignments Close to Home

With medical care needed at every corner of the globe, you likely do not have to travel far from home for locum tenens assignments. You can find jobs right in your own backyard that provide all the benefits of long-distance assignments without having to leave home. This ensures you can be home when needed while continuing to make money and advance your career. They can continue to stay with their regular childcare provider while you are at work and spend time with you on your hours and days off.

2. Bring Your Kids Along

As a locum tenens clinician, you have the option to bring your family along on your locum tenens assignments. This gives you a chance to work in an extended summer vacation into your work schedule. To find the right assignment and accommodations, you can work with a skilled locum tenens agency, like VISTA. They will assist in accommodating your kids’ travel and housing arrangements to ensure all goes to plan. If needed, you will then just need to focus on finding appropriate child care to ensure they are supervised while you’re away at work.  

3. Enlist the Help of Family and Friends

Kids love to spend time with their family and friends, enjoying all the summer has to offer. You can make their dreams come true by lining up a series of slumber parties during your workweek. As you work, you can rest assured that your children are well-cared for and having a great time with those you trust. This allows you to focus on your assignment and accelerate your career without compromising on the quality of care your kids receive. You can still spend time with them on your days off by going where they are or having them return home for a visit.

4. Take an Extended Break

One of the key benefits of locum tenens is the flexibility it provides, giving you the freedom to work when you want. If your budget can allow for it, you can elect to take an extended break from work during the summer. When taking this route, be sure to alert your locum tenens recruiter about your intended plans. Your recruiter can help ensure you have an assignment lined up as soon as school begins. This will help you smoothly transition from summer vacation with your kids to a new locum tenens role.

Finding the Best Work-Life Balance as a Parent Working Locum Tenens

As shown above, there are many ways for parents to manage work throughout the summer as locum tenens clinicians. You will need to weigh each option to see which would work best for your family. For assistance in finding the right option, and to explore locum tenens assignments available to you, you can speak with our team at VISTA. Our qualified recruiters are ready and equipped to help you find assignments that best fit your lifestyle and needs.

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