Extended Placements

Finding the physicians you need to grow and preserve your healthcare organization has never been more challenging. As a complement to our top-quality, quick-response Locum Tenens service, our ability to arrange extended placements in which we place a single physician with your organization for a year or longer taps into an underutilized pool of physicians.  Take advantage of residents waiting to enter a fellowship, for example, or physicians who would like to work another year or two before retiring without the long-term commitment of owning or managing a practice.

What to expect from our Extended Placements Physician Staffing:

Continuity of care & strong referral networks

Your patients will appreciate seeing the same physician over the course of a year. Continuity of care, as you know, can have a huge impact on patient satisfaction, particularly when it involves managing chronic conditions, mental health problems, and obstetric and prenatal care.

Your referring physicians will also appreciate establishing a rapport with specialists to whom they refer patients. VISTA Extended Placements give permanent and interim physicians the opportunity to know and trust each other.

A boost to your recruiting

Experience shows that it is easier to recruit to a well-running, successful practice than a short-staffed group. Extended Placements can ease the pressure of physician staffing issues as you find just the right candidate.

Extended placements

Let us do the work for you! 

A chance to test the fit

You may also want to consider using Extended Placements to test the fit of a specific candidate in a specific job to avoid the frustration and expense of recruiting a physician who is not a great long-term fit.

Simplified administration

VISTA Extended Placements require only one round of credentialing with your organization and third-party payers, one application for privileges, one orientation, and one round of training on your electronic medical records or charting system. We work closely with each physician to complete your credentialing requirements, fill out your forms correctly, and gather all necessary documentation.

Predictable overall costs

Extended Placements can also result in more predictable overall costs when compared to permanent recruitment or traditional short-term locum tenens. Extended placements can be arranged with an all-inclusive pricing model covering housing, transportation, professional liability insurance, and physician compensation.