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Planning Summer Vacation: 5 Best States to Travel for Locum Tenens

Planning Summer Vacation 5 Best States to Travel for Locum Tenens

As summer rolls around, you may feel the urge to escape your day-to-day routine to take on new adventures. If you’re a medical professional, locum tenens is the perfect solution. With locum tenens, you can experience new places, scenery, and destinations while maintaining a good stream of income.

In a prior post, we focused on six locum tenens locations great for beating the summer heat. Here are five more states you should consider visiting this summer:

1. North Carolina

This state is great for people who love the outdoors. With 40 state parks to see, you’ll never run out of woodsy destinations to check out during your time off. There are mountains, coastal beaches, and cities to visit, so you get a wide variety of environments in close range.

You won’t have any trouble finding work here. As of last year, towns, rural hospitals, and clinics have been having trouble getting enough physicians. In just one region, there is a shortage of 145 family practice doctors and several openings for other major branches of physical and mental health. For even more reasons to choose North Carolina, check out our post on the state.

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2. California

The Golden State may be well-known for Hollywood, but there is much more to see and do in this vast area. Yosemite National Park, Disneyland, and the Golden Gate Bridge are just a few of the state’s famous attractions.

As a locum tenens clinician, you can provide much-needed help to the state. It is estimated that by 2030, over 10,000 doctor positions will open up in California. The state has even outlined a $3 billion plan for alleviating the shortage of doctors, nurses, and home care workers.

To learn more about the benefits of taking locum tenens to work in California, check out this post.

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3. Colorado

Colorado is most known for skiing, but it has plenty of summer activities as well. It offers fun attractions and activities for outdoorsy people, such as the Rocky Mountain National Park, hiking, whitewater rafting, Steamboat Springs, and more.

This state is ideal for locum tenens clinicians, as it is currently experiencing a physician shortage. By 2030, it is expected to need another 1,773 primary care physicians. This is a 49 percent increase from 2010 figures. The increase in EHRs and aging patients are fueling the shortage, especially in rural areas.

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4. Maine

Maine, being the northeastern-most US state, definitely won’t “bake” you in the summer. And it’s also the perfect destination for art and history aficionados. While you’re there, be sure to check out Portland, its cultural hub; Acadia National Park, and Bar Harbor.

If you’re a locum tenens specializing in primary care, then Maine should be on your list. The state currently has a primary care physician shortage. It is expected to need another 120 PCPs by 2030, largely due to Maine’s aging population and rising rates of uninsured patients.

To learn more reasons for picking Maine as your locum tenens location, check out our post here.

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5. Minnesota

This state is a hidden gem for clinicians with a wide range of interests. It’s home to the famous Mall of America – which includes Nickelodeon Universe – as well as Bde Maka Ska (originally Lake Calhoun), the state’s largest lake. You can also find 400 theaters here, which is ideal for anyone who has a love for performing arts.

Similar to the states mentioned above, Minnesota also has a physician shortage and can use the help of qualified locum tenens clinicians. Experts predict that Minnesota will add 1,187 new primary care doctors by 2030, a 28% increase compared to the state’s current figures.

To learn more about why Minnesota is a great place to be, just click here.

View locum tenens jobs in Minnesota

Traveling to another state for locum tenens gives you a chance to see new places while allowing you to provide medical care in rural or underserved areas. Consider these states when planning your summer vacation to explore a different area and enjoy new experiences.

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