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Health Systems Challenged With Modernizing Their Businesses in 2023

It’s no secret that health systems took significant financial hits due to the pandemic, with many struggling to provide adequate care while managing skyrocketing costs. The forecast for 2023 is no different; health systems will need to continue addressing increasing financial pressures and focusing on innovating existing structures, processes, and technologies in order to remain competitive within a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Looking for Creative Ways to Address Staffing Challenges

According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), 58% of medical organizations say that staffing is their biggest challenge for 2023. “Demand on our providers exceeds their ability and capacity,” one practice leader told MGMA. “They are asked to show up in ways that limit their ability to feel successful at work.”

  • Nine in 10 medical practices report their costs are rising faster than revenue.
  • Raising wages was the top tactic for addressing staffing shortages.
  • Improved benefit offerings to be competitive with other employers have also added to expenses.

The negative effects of these staffing challenges and rising expenses won’t be solved simply by tightening the budgets.

Locums Providers Bring Relief In a Tight Labor Market

One creative staffing solution health systems will utilize more in 2023 is locum tenens providers. This approach allows health systems to quickly fill gaps in their staff while also maintaining the flexibility of a fluid schedule that can be adjusted as needed.

Using locum tenens providers gives organizations access to highly specialized providers when permanent employment isn’t an option.

The Future of Healthcare in 2023

Overall, 2023 will be a year of transformation for the healthcare industry. Organizations will need to look beyond traditional methods and explore creative ways to address staffing shortages while improving patient care.

VISTA Staffing Solutions will be here to help health systems navigate the challenges they face in 2023 and beyond, providing flexible staffing solutions and comprehensive resources that can make a real difference.

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