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Company fast facts

  • VISTA provides hospitals, medical practices and government healthcare facilities in the US, New Zealand, and Bermuda with highly qualified healthcare providers to meet short- and long-term temporary staffing needs and fill permanent openings.
  • VISTA provides rewarding, flexible career options for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in every stage of their professional lives, from just out of training to semi-retirement.
  • VISTA is well known for the quality of physicians we recruit and place, focusing on board- certified and board-prepared physicians with current certificates and strong references.
  • VISTA works with a pool of more than 1,300 physicians from almost every medical specialty.
  • The physicians who work through VISTA are carefully screened and covered by professional liability insurance.
  • As a founding member of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO), VISTA is a leader in establishing and maintaining strict industry standards.

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Corporate background

Founded in 1990, VISTA Staffing Solutions helps hospitals, medical practices, and government agencies in the US, New Zealand, and Bermuda optimize their physician staffing, ensure quality and continuity of care for patients, and maintain financial stability. A leading provider of US Locum Tenens and Permanent Physician Search Services, VISTA is the only agency that offers both domestic and international work opportunities for locum tenens physicians.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City with additional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, West Allis, WI, and Raleigh, North Carolina, VISTA employs approximately 200 people. The company has shown consistent profitability since its second year of operation, and each year since has enjoyed a compound annual growth rate of more than 25 percent.

Three veterans of the physician staffing industry founded VISTA in 1990: Mark S. Brouse, Katie Hoffman-Abby, and Clarke Shaw. VISTA Staffing Solutions is a founding member of the National Organization of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO), an organization that develops and enforces standards for credentialing, ethics, and business practices within the locum tenens industry.

For more information about physician staffing services provided by our four business units, follow the appropriate link:

Information for physicians

Information on physician staffing solutions for healthcare facilities and practices

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Industry background - Locum Tenens Company

VISTA began as a temporary physician staffing and locum tenens company. We have diversified considerably in the past two decades, but locum tenens still makes up the majority of our business and is the foundation for much of what we do and how we do it.

The temporary physician staffing industry was founded in 1979 by Therus Kolff, M.D., MPH, a VISTA medical director. Since 1979, our locum tenens company and practice has grown rapidly in the United States and abroad. 

Options, flexibility, and control
As a lifestyle choice, locum tenens can enhance physicians' lives, professionally and personally, by providing attractive options at all stages of their professional careers:

  • Post-residency: Physicians just out of training enjoy some freedom and flexibility before they settle into permanent positions.
  • Mid-career: Physicians can make an informed transition from one job to another.
  • Semi-retirement: Physicians get to slow down and practice less than full-time without losing their clinical skills and credentials.

Most physicians who choose to take temporary assignments do so to have greater flexibility and control, which leads to an improved quality of life. Other factors contributing to the number of physicians choosing temporary assignments include skyrocketing malpractice premiums and increasing bureaucracy in health care.

Today, locum tenens physicians can practice in diverse medical facilities throughout the United States, or in international assignments in select countries. They can choose to work for specific periods of time, from a few weeks to more than a year.

Organizations that hire physicians part time
Medical facilities, government agencies, and community-based practices ranging from small family practices to large multi-specialty groups are increasingly turning to locum tenens physicians to ensure the quality and continuity of patient care during staffing shortages. These screened, insured physicians can help medical facilities meet temporary staffing needs while they recruit, during seasonal increases in demand, and while physicians are on vacation or leave. Temporary physician staffing is an excellent solution for rural areas that may not be able to attract full-time doctors.

Locum tenens physicians represent a comprehensive range of medical specialties that can help facilities temporarily reduce physician shortages as special needs arise, or while recruiting a permanent physician in a short-supply specialty.

Medical facilities can keep costs down by using temporary physician staffing to accommodate fluctuations in demand and special needs, as it is less expensive than adding full-time staff. They can maintain their financial stability with fast, flexible, revenue-generating temporary staffing. Because it offers a number of benefits, using locum tenens physicians should be part of every healthcare facility's strategic staffing plan.

VISTA began as a locum tenens company and has since expanded the range of services we provide to span a physician’s entire career and a healthcare facility’s complete physician and physician executive staffing needs.

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Medical specialties

VISTA provides practice opportunities and locum tenens coverage in a broad range of medical specialties. Visit our Specialties Served page for a complete list.

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Physician Staffing and Industry affiliations

NALTO membership
VISTA Staffing Solutions is a member of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO), an industry standards group established to ensure sound business practices. NALTO members are held to a strict code of ethics and dedicated to providing quality service to the health care industry.

ASPR Gold Contributor
VISTA Staffing Solutions is a Gold Contributor to the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, and a supporter of several regional chapters of the association.

Medical Group Management Association
VISTA is also an affiliate member of the Medical Group Management Association.

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