The VISTA Approach to Healthcare Staffing

1. You’ll have specialty-specific points of contact

VISTA is organized by specialty teams, giving you a group of experts to handle your locum tenens contract.

2. We build a detailed clinical practice description

We will ask you the questions necessary to build a clear picture of the opening and the type of Physician or Advanced Practitioner you need. Review our quality assurance/risk management client screening process.

3. We present appropriate CVs for a precise match

As we identify Physicians or Advanced Practitioners with the skills, experience, and time available to meet your needs, we will present their CVs for your approval. You are under no obligation until you accept a provider for specific dates. 

4. We expedite credentialing and privileging

We provide as much documentation as possible to assist with your own credentialing and medical staff privileges.

5. We provide comprehensive professional liability insurance

VISTA Staffing Solutions provides professional liability insurance for every hour a Physician or Advanced Practitioner works through us.

6. We get the Physician or Advanced Practitioner licensed in time

We understand the licensing requirements and timeframes in each state and will manage the licensing process to ensure that your VISTA Locum Tenens Physician or Advanced Practitioner is licensed in time for your assignment. We pay for this licensing for the Physician or Advanced Practitioner who works with us.

7. We coordinate travel, housing, and transportation

VISTA has a full-service in-house travel team that works directly with the Physician or Advanced Practitioner to plan cost-effective travel. We are also happy to coordinate housing and local transportation, or you may do it if you prefer.

8. We ensure accurate billing and provider compensation

VISTA providers fill out a work record every two weeks, which your designee signed off, so there are no surprises. All of the revenue generated by the Physician or Advanced Practitioner stays with your organization, so the service generally pays for itself.

9. We follow up

Once an assignment begins, we will check in with both you and the provider to make sure everything is going well. We also conduct post-assignment evaluations with both you and the provider.

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